Why Stroud loves Valleys Pest Services

We’re proud to support our rural and regional communities with friendly, expert pest management services. We invest the time in getting to know and understand our customers and their property so we can ensure we take care of everything quickly and safely.

We are a local family run business operating in the Stroud, Gloucester, Myall Valley and Karuah Valley region and beyond. With us being Stroud locals you can trust us to work with you to provide the most effective service possible. We have a keen interest in the local area and will always work hard to satisfy our customers.

Friendly & Professional
Qualified, experienced and insured

We encourage you to talk to us so we can find the best solution for your needs and we hope that you always feel you can ask for our help and guidance. Valleys Pest Services is a local family run business in the suburbs surrounding Stroud, New South Wales.

Environmentally Conscious
Striving for minimal to no environment impact

Our job is to manage your pest problem with minimal impact to you. We work hard to control pests and preserve the beautiful environment in which our customer live. Living in this beautiful region ourselves we know only too well the importance of protecting it.

Best value in town
Quality workmanship. Honest prices.

Providing a friendly, professional, and effective service is what we do. We hope that you will find us to also be exceptional value. Once you have tried our services, we think you will agree.

Courteous and Clean
Always polite, always clean and tidy

Our customers should feel they can call on us any time and recommend us. Part of that is ensuring that we are always polite and do not leave a mess behind us. Just a few dead pests is the only trace you’ll find!

Pet and People Friendly
You, your kids and pets are a priority

Leaving a safe environment for your children and pets is a key part of what we do. We will never let your loved ones come to any harm and we take great care in providing safe treatments.

Humane Treatment
We ensure pests are removed or dispatched humanely.

The aim of our work is to leave you with a safe, pest free environment. We do not want to cause unnecessary suffering. At Valleys Pests we work hard to ensure our pest control methods are as humane as possible.

Locals helping locals

Whether you own your own home, are renting, are a real estate agency, mine, or commercial business, we have the services and expertise you require.
Residential Pest Management
Protect your home and family

Your home is one of the biggest investments you have and needs protection from structural pests. Perhaps even more importantly, your home is where you and your family live and it should be comfortable, welcoming, and safe from unwanted pests.

We understand how important protecting your biggest asset is and we will work with you to develop a pest management plan that meets the needs of both your family and your home.

Regional and Rural
Scheduled pest management you can depend on.

Many pests you will encounter in the country are similar to those you’ll find in the city; however the environments are very different. So too are the needs of rural settings.

The team at Valleys Pest Services are here to develop a specific course of treatment for your property. Whether for your home or your family business, pest management plans for rural locations require careful planning and development to meet the specific needs of your property. We will take the time to discuss your requirements with you and ensure the tailored service we provide is exactly what you need as a solution to your problem.

Mining and Commercial
Big jobs. Done right. Every time.

Commercial and industrial pest management can include the local store through to an entire mine site.

We have experience in a variety of commercial and industrial pest management operations and we are here to help you with yours. No project is too big or small for us, if it’s your business it’s our business. Our extensive experience with your specific site knowledge is invaluable when developing and implementing a pest management plan that will meet your requirements. Keeping the negative impact of pests kept to a minimum will avoid countless health and reduce increased costs, we are here to make sure that happens.

Experts that can handle all kinds of pest

We have all the tools, equipment, chemicals, sprays, powders, family secrets and the odd spell to take care of every pest the harsh regional Australian environment has to throw at your home and business.

Diptera - Endopterygota
Blattaria - Dictyoptera
Isoptera - Blattodea
Araneae - Arachnid
Formicidae - Vespoidea
Rodentia - Glires
Hymenoptera - Insecta
Siphonaptera - Endopterygota
Lepidoptera - Insecta
Bed Bugs
Cimex Lectularius
Acari - Arachnida
Lepisma Saccharina

Kind words from loyal customers

The proof is in the pudding which is why our customers come back when they need us most.

Simply the best against the pest. Friendly, reliable and trustworthy. Highly recommended.
Lizzie Smith
Tom is very professional and experienced at his job and would definitely use his company again
Rhonda Shave

Local News & Information

The latest local news, hint & tip’s around the home and ways you can prevent having to call us in the future.

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